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pain after wiping my butt

Pain in the Ass Upper Butt Crack Fissure.

Well have another question for you all. I have a skin problem have had it happen to Hey mwc, That's excellent that you haven't had an outbreak since your first! I
neck pain, body aches all over, cramps.

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11.04.2007  Best Answer: lol, I thought I was the only one in the world this has happened to! When moister gets trapped in a small area like that, i.e. in between the
Any pain in your anus that you've never experienced before and don't know the cause of should be checked out by a doctor. Usually pain/burning after a bowel movement
Burning Stomach Pain After Eating

pain after wiping my butt

Painful cut on the top of my butt crack.?.
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11.08.2006  Best Answer: Possibly a bruised or fractured coccyx or sacrum ( lower end of the spine). The Coccyx bones are fusewd together, and are thus liable to

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My Pain -
  • What causes pain between your butt.

  • Breast Pain After Menopause

    Why does my butt(inside) burn/hurt after.

    My Pain -

    pain after wiping my butt

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